Indonesia in Fiesta Asia DC

Indonesia in Fiesta Asia DC

IAA in collaboration with the Embassy of Indonesia Washington DC will be participating in Fiesta Asia DC, representing the Indonesian Community. Fiesta Asia is one of the well-known Asian Festival in DC area, and has been going on for 12 years. The last time Indonesia participated in it was 6 years ago.

We hope by participating in Fiesta Asia, people will know more about Indonesia and the culture.  We will be opening a large booth and give opportunity for cultural vendors to participate at reduced cost. A cultural vendor is different with food vendor, which are usually selling cooked food on the spot. Cultural vendors are allowed to sell pre-packaged food (such as cookies, sweets, etc), but no cooking allowed.

IAA also encourages cultural groups to participate in the performance stage. The registration is free.

Registration for Performers are here:

More about Fiesta Asia: