Board of Trustees

IAA is governed by 9-member Board of Trustees, who are democratically elected in the Annual General Assembly. To maintain continuity of program and administration, 5 BoT members are selected for 3-year terms, and 4 are selected for 2-year terms. All of these are written in IAA’s Bylaws.

As common in Indonesian culture, people are recognized by their first name.

In the 2015 Annual General Assembly, the followings are IAA’s Board of Trustee:


Agus Firmansyah – Chairman of the Board

Graduated in economics from the University of Padjajaran in Bandung, Indonesia in 1995 and got his Master’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2000. Agus started his career as a central banker in 1997 where he worked for Bank Indonesia until 2007 before he moved to Washington DC in the same year. Agus is now working for the International Monetary Fund as a Senior Economist. Agus has been involved in many community organizations, and is actively promoting Indonesian Consumer Cooperation (ICC – Koperasi). Married to Dewi Meutia, Agus has one boy.







Oscar Zaky – President

Originally from Bandung and went to Bandung Institute of Technology to complete his degree in Civil Engineering, Oscar moved to Pittsburgh to continue his study in Mechanical Engineering. Later on started his career in IT industry and has been working in the field for 17 years and currently working for a private company in Tysons Corner, VA.

Oscar and his family moved to DC area in 1998 and is a long time activist in the Indonesian community. Before getting involved in IAA, Oscar served as IMAAM Board of Trustee (2002-2010) and  IMAAM President from 2010-2013. An avid badminton player and mountain bike rider, Oscar has a big attention to the Indonesian Youth in the community. Oscar is married to Dwitra and has two daughters.




Nadia Syahmalina

Nadia Syahmalina – Vice President
Nadia Syahmalina is an Indonesian American who was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in Morgantown, WV. She moved to the DC area in 2003 and has lived there ever since. Her passion for youth activism, community outreach,  and civic engagement is the driving force behind her involvement in and collaborations with various organizations like IMAAM, IAA, the Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County, DC Central Kitchen, Shepherds Table, Asian American Health Initiative, and Faith Working Group of Montgomery County.
Prior to her current role in the IAA Board of Trustee, Nadia served on the Board of IMAAM from 2008 until 2013 (her last role was as its Vice-President) and also currently serves as the Vice -President of the Muslim Democratic Club of Montgomery County (which she co-founded in 2015).
A graduate of the University of Maryland systems, she lives with her husband and two sons in the DC area and works as an Operations Manager for a national financial institution.




Anthony Kadir – Secretary

Anthony is second generation of Indonesian American in the community. Born and grew up in Rockville, MD, his late father founded IMAAM and Anthony is also actively involved with the Indonesian youth in the area. Anthony runs his own travel business and also participates in many different business ventures.






Andang Purnama – Treasurer

Formerly a journalist and a manager in several construction companies in Indonesia, Andang Purnama moved to Washington DC in 2004. He participated in many social and community groups around the area. He was one of the founders of Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) established in Los Angeles, USA, in 2012.
In 2009 and 2014 he was involved in the Indonesian Election Committee in Washington DC.
Currently, he is working as an Indonesian Language Instructor at a government institution.





Irawan Nugroho – Regular Member

Irawan is a long-time activist in the DC area and previously held the IAA President when it was called IKI (Ikatan Keluarga Indonesia). Works as Language Interpreter, Irawan knows the evolvement process of IAA and is coming back to help with change.






Endang Isnaini Saptorini (Rinni Ray) – Regular Member

Rinni is originally from Semarang, Central Java. She moved to DC area in 2006 as journalist. She also served as Membership Director for IKI (2007-2010) and Treasurer for IAA (2010-2015)

She is also a musician, actively involves in many cultural activities in the community.

Currently working as POV Digital Media Editor for Voice of America Indonesian Service.




Anang Dwiantoro (Totok) – Regular Member

Originally from East Java, not only Totok is a traditional performer which specialized in Indonesian culture Reog, but also a musician.







koktjaiKoktjai Soo

KokTjai, born in Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur (East Borneo), is an IT officer at an international bank, also the head of Indonesian Staff Association at the same institution.   He helped as a member of with DC Indonesian election committee in 2014.