IAA’s administration has developed the following programs for its administration year 2016-2019. The main goals for these programs are inline with the strategy of community development and business empowerment.

  • IAA Business Resources Group
    This is a loose discussion group of Indonesian American Business Owners in the Washington DC area. The group discusses different challenges that business owners has and also opportunities to network with those who has new opportunities, or looking for expansion of their services
  • Project Tempeh
    Tempeh is authentic Indonesian staple food, made of soybean. It’s very delicious and high in nutrition. With many Indonesians living in the US, there’s only a few tempeh manufacturer that make tempeh like Indonesians make tempeh. The community gets their tempeh from individuals who make home-based tempeh. The project’s goal is to make tempeh more mainstream and diversifying it into more mainstream meals
  • Indonesian American Center
    The Indonesian Community in the Washington DC area has long dreamed of having their own community center to do their activities. There are about 30 cultural groups spanning from West Sumatra to Sulawesi cultural groups. Some of them do their regular performances at different events and they need place to practice, which most of them would use the Embassy in Washington DC. The goal of this project is for the community to have their own community/cultural center.
  • Food Manager Workshop
    Many Indonesian-Americans like to cook, and some do it as a small home-based catering business. In collaboration with ServSafe, IAA conducted ServSafe Manager Workshop and Exam to train them how to handle food properly.
  • Legal and Immigration Workshop
    IAA works regularly with APALRC in conducting immigration workshops to help those who need legal help adjusting their status and have other immigration issues.
  • Shepherd’s Table Volunteering
    To help those who are needy, IAA conducts monthly volunteering event at the Shepherd’s Table in Silver Spring for preparing and serving brunch to the homeless of Silver Spring. These events are also used by high-school students to collect volunteer hours.
  • Independence Day Festivities
    Between 2016 and 2019, IAA has been trusted to manage and run the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations and festivities in the Washington DC area by the Embassy of Indonesia.