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RARE Presentation: Behavior Adoption for Conservation

IAA in coordination with Permias DC and Embassy of Indonesia Washington DC is hosting a presentation "Behavior Adoption for Conservation" by RARE representatives from Indonesia. RARE is an Arlington-based non-profit organization specialized in conservation and community empowerment. This presentation and discussion will cover RARE's latest project of empowering different fishermen…

Healthcare 2017

Berdasarkan keputusan/mandat pemerintah Federal Amerika Serikat, sudah menjadi peraturan bahwa setiap orang di Amerika harus mempunyai asuransi kesehatan (Health Insurance), yang ditetapkan melalui ACA (Affordable Care Act), atau juga dikenal sebagai "Obamacare". (more…)

IAA Toastmasters Club

IAA Toastmasters Club is IAA's effort to help the Indonesian community develop better speakers and leaders using Toastmasters program. Due to the nature of the community, IAA Toastmasters Club will be the first bilingual English and Bahasa Indonesia club in the area (if not nationwide in USA), and will facilitate…

DMV Survey – Yourself

The survey consists of several pages, so please go through every page to make sure that you complete all pages. No personal information are captured (name, address, date of birth, SSN, etc). This will give us a better demographic picture of the community. [modalsurvey id=2003906049 style=flat]

IAA Survey

In an effort to gain more data about Indonesian Diaspora in the DC area, IAA is launching a new demographic survey. This survey is totally anonymous and we would like you to participate. For now, the survey is only for those of you living in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)…

IAA-IMAAM Pingpong Tournament

As many people know, IMAAM operates the first Indonesian mosque in the DMV area, the IMAAM Center since Fall 2014. Many activities have been done there, not only religious, but also social and interfaith events. IAA, in cooperation with IMAAM, conducted its first community wide pingpong tournament. (more…)