About Us

IAA was founded in 1952 originally as association of Indonesian Embassy employees, which later on became IKI (Ikatan Keluarga Indonesia). In its early days, IKI organizes social events for embassy families. As the community grows and families expand, IKI become large and helps people settle in the area, find jobs, organized social events, and others.

IKI later on becomes independent of the Indonesian Embassy and have an organizational structure of its own. Past presidents include Mr. Andang Poeraatmadja, the late Ms. Ambar Abbink, Mrs. Yan Wiramidjaja, Mr. Irawan Nugroho, Mr. Barokah Widodo, and Mr. Harry Tirtakusumah.

As the need become more urgent to make IAA a formal, registered organization, IAA was officially registered as a non-profit, charitable organization in the District of Columbia in 2014.

Our Vision

IAA’s vision is to build a strong Indonesian Diaspora community in the DMV area that stands like any other Asian-American community.

Our Mission

IAA’s mission is to empower the community through programs and activities that build bonds among the community members, develop the community members’ skills, and increase the economic power of the community.