Technology & Society Research Associate

The Foundation for Inclusion (FFI) is recruiting a full-time research associate (RA) for a six-month engagement starting in February 2022 to provide substantive, analytic, and administrative assistance to an assessment of strategies to advance technology for social good, also known as responsible tech, ethical tech, and public-interest technology.

This position, which is contingent on receipt of a contract award currently under negotiation, pays between $18 and
$25 per hour, depending on qualifications, and the successful candidate will work as an independent consultant. We might divide this position between two or more individuals with different skill sets working either part-time for approximately six months or full-time for less than six months. Therefore, when applying, please specify whether you are interested only in full-time (40 hours/week), only in part-time, or either.

We do not require candidates to have specific credentials (e.g., a college degree with a particular concentration, etc.). We are looking for specific qualifications regardless of credentials, including substantive knowledge, specific methodological skills, and a willingness to assist with general administrative tasks.

Substantive knowledge and experience in at least one of the following areas is required and should be clearly explained in your cover letter:

  • the relationship between technology and equity, justice, or social good (e.g., gender or racial bias in STEM fields, inequitable access to technology, algorithmic biases, the use of technology and platforms to spread hate or misinformation, etc.)
  • the landscape and strategies of movements creating social change related to the above topics
  • the landscape and strategies of philanthropy supporting social change related to the above topics
  • In addition, training or experience in at least one of the following specific methodological skills

will be required and should be directly addressed in the cover letter as well:

  • systems thinking tools (e.g., system mapping, landscape analysis, network mapping)
  • concept mapping (e.g., literature review, framework creation, classification, taxonomy)
  • narrative mapping (e.g., audience segmentation, message framing, theme identification)
  • qualitative research (e.g., interviewing, document review, qualitative data collection)

A full-time candidate will dedicate a percentage of their time to administrative tasks, such as:

  • detailed note taking and transcribing
  • data entry and reporting
  • scheduling and meeting coordination
  • participation in work-planning sessions and tracking work plans
  • drafting memos

Finally, all candidates must:

  • demonstrate attention to detail, critical thinking, and excellent judgment with regard to the evaluation of evidence;
  • be able to work constructively in and as a team, as well as independently, with little supervision;
  • be able to appropriately handle confidential and sensitive information with the highest professional and ethical standards;
  • and be willing to take ownership of the project as our thought partner with a shared purpose.
  • Knowledge of Google Sheets, Google Docs, web search engines, and common office software is essential. Specialized skills in data science (e.g., text mining, web scraping, R, Python, etc.) or modeling and simulation (e.g., system dynamics, social network analysis, agent-based modeling, discrete-event simulation) are not required but may be considered favorably. (We encourage you to apply even if you lack such specialized skills; depending on the final team structure, they may not be necessary.)

The RA may be based anywhere in the United States but the job will require daily collaboration with a research team working mostly daytime hours in Eastern Standard Time. Candidates will therefore need access to their own computer and phone equipment and a full-time Internet connection, because all team members will be working remotely and will need to communicate frequently. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals from
under-represented groups in STEM.

To apply, please send a brief cover letter and a resume or CV (all in a single PDF) to Your cover letter should describe the ways you are qualified to do the work (please make direct reference to the knowledge or skills listed above), elaborate on any specific examples of relevant work and experience, mention where you came across this posting, and specify whether your preference is to be considered as a full-time candidate, a
part-time candidate, or either.

We encourage interested parties to apply soon, no later than February 15, 2022, as applications will be reviewed and applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. We expect the orientation and work to begin shortly after being offered a position. Please list your earliest available date in your cover letter.

The Foundation for Inclusion is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt/501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, D.C., whose mission is to empower changemakers and innovators to solve the world’s most complex problems by helping them uncover and address the root causes.