IAA-IMAAM Pingpong Tournament

As many people know, IMAAM operates the first Indonesian mosque in the DMV area, the IMAAM Center since Fall 2014. Many activities have been done there, not only religious, but also social and interfaith events. IAA, in cooperation with IMAAM, conducted its first community wide pingpong tournament. (more…)

Scholarship Resources

Education is very important for any community. Many communities lacks funding to get their youth get a college degree. One way to overcome that situation is by using scholarships. The followings are some of the scholarships related with Indonesia that are available for the community. (more…)

IAA Leadership Transfer

After formally elected the new Board of Trustees, it's time to hand over the new Board of Trustees the responsibility. The outgoing BoT and incoming BoT got together for a meeting, take care of some paperworks, and completed the leadership transfer. Thank you for the outgoing BoT for their service, and…

IAA-YES Meeting

Youth is future of any organization. Without regeneration and leadership building, any organization will be stagnant. In an effort of reenergizing IAA and getting Indonesian second generation involved in activism, IAA organized youth-only meeting, where they discuss issues around them in and issues in the community that matters to them.…