Montgomery County Road Runners

Brand Ambassadors

MCRRC seeks to create a team of Brand Ambassadors who can dedicate time to further the Club’s reputation and recognition within the greater Montgomery County.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will serve as the “face” of the brand and be a part of a street marketing team who will promote MCRRC at community events.  Your overall objective is to spread awareness about and create interest in MCRRC among Montgomery County residents with the primary objective of encouraging them to benefit from our services – such as training programs and races – and, ultimately, joining the Club..  To do this, you will seek out community events and similar outlets where you can share the value and benefits of MCRRC.   You will engage with event attendees in the goal of creating interest for them to join the Club.

Brand Ambassadors will be supported by the MCRRC’s Marketing & Communications Committee.  The Club is prepared to provide a kit of branded items, such as banners, flyers, table cloths, and giveaways to use during your tenure as a Brand Ambassador.  You will be invited to provide input on what materials are needed to most effectively engage others.  Note that Brand Ambassadors are not expected to create or produce any of the materials; rather that responsibility will remain with MCRRC.

MCRRC Brand Ambassador should meet most of the qualifications below:

  • You are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and regularly incorporate running and/or walking into your fitness routine.
  • You are hard-working, reliable, upbeat, positive, polite, and professional.  You are a natural leader and can function at a high-level with little supervision.
  • You consider yourself a friendly, charismatic person.  You can easily create relationships with new people that you meet, and you are equally comfortable to ask those you meet for their contact information for later follow up by the Club.
  • You are a self-starter and are willing to make connections with local companies and organizations.  If you have established networks and/or relationships, that would be ideal.
  • You embrace the MCRRC’s Values Statement, and will strive to uphold the Club’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and diversity.  You understand your responsibility to represent the club in a positive, inclusive organization and will do so through your actions and words.
  • You are familiar with MS Word and Excel or similar software (e.g. Google Docs and Sheets) and are prompt in completing tasks.
  • You have flexibility in your personal and family obligations and can commit an average of 5-8 hours per month.  You understand the commitment may ebb and flow depending on the season and local community opportunities.

Those who are interested in becoming an MCRRC Brand Ambassador can send their resume to