IAA Press Release on Surabaya Bombing

The Indonesian American Association (IAA), an American non-profit organization dedicated to Indonesian American friendship, condemns the bombing on May 13, 2018 of three churches in the city of Surabaya.

Like the United States, Indonesia is a diverse democracy with freedom of religion. For centuries, religious diversity is one of Indonesia’s strengths and is reflected in the nation’s slogan “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”  (Unity in Diversity) and upheld by the principles of the Pancasila. Recently, fringe groups have advocated a destructive and radical philosophy that is detrimental to the exercise of religious choice and contrary to traditional Indonesian values of moderation and tolerance.

IAA condemns, in no uncertain terms, the actions of any extremist group that would limit civil and human rights anywhere in the world.  We offer condolences to the injured and to those who have lost relatives and friends in these bombings, and hope that they can quickly rebuild their places of worship.

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