IAA AGA 2021

IAA AGA 2021

What is it?
The Annual General Assembly (AGA – Rapat Tahunan Anggota) is the organization’s annual meeting to discuss annual report, elect board members, and propose bylaws amendment if any

Who are the AGA Commmittees?
The 2021 AGA Committees are Akhmad Helmi (DC), Harry Tirtakusumah (MD), and Meirina Hutabarat (VA).

When is it?
The AGA will be held on Saturday, Jan 30, 2021 at 7:30pm virtually on Zoom. There will also be a “Virtual Townhall” on Sunday, Jan 17, 2021 at 10:00am to discuss IAA program. To participate, members will need to register for the events.
Registration form is below at the bottom of the page.

What’s the agenda?
The Agenda for AGA are:

  1. Annual Report
    Executive Committees will report IAA activities and finances since the last AGA. Report will be made public before AGA for members to read and review.
  2. Board Election
    IAA is governed by 9 board members who are elected at AGA. Due to Covid-19, we did not have AGA last year. There are 5 board members currently, and 3 of them have their terms expired. They are Oscar Zaky/President (2015-2018), Nadia Syahmalina/Treasurer (2015-2018), Marc Hoffman (Regular Member). The other 2 board members are Rachmad Poetranto (VP) and Djaya Hasran (Regular Member). In this year’s AGA, IAA needs 7 new board members to fill the remaining 7 seats.
    Details are available in IAA Bylaws here: IAA Bylaws
  3. Bylaws Amendement
    If there are any proposed changes to the Bylaws, members can submit the proposed changes by notifying the committee.

How do we know more about IAA?
There will be an IAA Virtual Townhall Meeting on Saturday August 16th 2021 at 7:30 pm to discuss ideas about IAA. Please register for townhall here and submit your ideas for the community

What’s the requirement for IAA BOT candidate?
According to they bylaws, section 4.05 about BoT Qualifications:
4.05: Qualifications To be eligible for election as a Trustee, a person must (1) have been an active member in good standing for the past thirty-six (36) months; (2) never have been convicted of a felonious criminal offense; (3) be at least 25 years old.(4) not be a sitting officer o a U or Foreign political party.

Because IAA serves the Indonesian American in DMV area, we prefer the candidates are from the local DMV community. They also have to have a legal status in the USA.

When can I start voting for the candidates?
Once the committee receives the candidates and confirm their willingness and availability, their names will be announced and members can start voting on Thursday Jan 27 until the AGA. Links will be provided later. Results will be announced at AGA.

Register for IAA and Propose a Candidate
To register for IAA AGA and Propose a Candidate, fill out the form below: