IAA Election

IAA Election

After a few months delayed, IAA conducted its Annual General Assembly to elect new Board of Trustees. The AGA was held on November 21, 2015 and attended by about 60 Indonesian community members who are concerned about IAA’s well being.

After a report by previous administration and smooth election, IAA elected 9 new Board of Trustees, 5 of them will serve for 3 years and 4 of them will serve for 4 years. The newly elected BoT are:

  • Agus Firmansyah (3 years)
  • Oscar Zaky (3 years)
  • Nadia Syahmalina (3 years)
  • Andang Purnama (3 years)
  • Irawan Nugroho (3 years)
  • Koktjai Soo (2 years)
  • Endang Setyorini (2 years)
  • Anthony Kadir (2 years)
  • Anang Dwiantoro (2 years)

The newly elected BoT then will elect a chairman and the executives. Congratulations for being new IAA BoT and given the trust from the community to serve. Also thank you for the AGA Committees: Dwitra Zaky, Ahmad Helmi Nasution, and Viktor Hamel.

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